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Who We Are

We are cueSHIFT, a team of dedicated professionals with over 30 years of experience in the senior care Electronic Health Record (EHR) industry. With offices in Florida and Pennsylvania, cueSHIFT provides EHR systems, training, integration, and consultation services for small to mid-market Long-Term Care providers, as well as institutional and ancillary service organizations, at affordable prices.

With over three decades of experience, cueSHIFT has helped its customers strengthen and develop productive relationships with care providers by building EHR systems that communicate securely and effectively with internal and external partners; i.e.: pharmacies, labs, radiology, therapy, physicians, and hospitals. We also have the capability of sharing facility data with internal financial services departments that support reporting requirements.

Why Now? Why cueSHIFT?
A paradigm shift has occurred in the healthcare industry: Seniors in their 80’s has become the fastest growing patient demographic; CMS, through Meaningful Use, has mandated a better transition of measurable quality of care standards for health care providers. In 2018 CMS will implement value-based payments for senior-care facilities, which is current industry standard for participating providers with EHR. cueSHIFT’s extensive experience in EHR conversion for the senior-care community can help facilities meet these new industry standards of care by providing affordable interoperable health IT systems to improve and capture quality of care and outcomes as well as facilitate coordinated transitions of care.


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