About cueSHIFT

At cueSHIFT, we recognize the individuality of each of our clients and always place the clients’ needs first.  Our highly trained staff works personally with each client to customize the electronic medical record software to match the policies, procedures, and expectations of the client. We do not believe the one software fits all ideology, and as such, strive to individualize each clients cueSHIFT site to the client’s requirements. Our staff works with each client to review current processes and documentation and develop a strategy for transition to cueSHIFT software. We see the uniqueness of every client and adapt cueSHIFT to match the client’s needs.

The cueSHIFT implementation and support team have real-life experience in multiple areas of healthcare.  This understanding of the healthcare environment allows our staff to provide additional insight and assistance during implementation and training. Our number one goal is to ensure the success of each client and to make sure we meet this goal we provide on-site training for all staff and on-site support at the beginning of each phase of implementation.  After implementation our support team is available to continue assisting as needed.